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As a physician, you know that accidents or illness can happen at any time. And your ability to earn an income can be put at risk if you suffer an injury or illness that results in a disability. Your ability to earn an income may be your biggest asset. The INCOMEprotect™ for Practicing Physicians plan provides higher coverage levels and optional riders to enrich your disability coverage. Doctors of BC is proud to be the leading disability provider for BC physicians.

Coverage amounts

You can choose coverage in increments of $100 from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $25,000 per month from all sources (excluding the BC government-funded Physicians' Disability Insurance).1

Proof of earned income is required at the time of application.

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You are eligible to apply for this coverage if you are:

  1. A member of Doctors of BC or the Yukon Medical Association (YMA);
  2. Under age 65;
  3. Actively work in Canada for 25 hours per week for at least 46 weeks per year or at least 1300 hours over the course of 12 months.
Elimination period

The elimination period is the number of days you are disabled before payments begin. The longer the elimination period, the less you will pay for coverage.

The elimination period can be counted during intermittent periods of disability from the same cause within: six months for the 28, 60 and 90 day elimination periods; and nine months for the 120 day elimination period.

Benefit period

For total or residual disability, if you are disabled prior to age 63:

  • your benefit period continues until age 65, or
  • upon recovery, whichever comes first.

If you become totally disabled between 63 and 70: there is a 24 month maximum benefit period.

No benefit is payable beyond your 71st birthday.

Types of Disability

Four types of disabilities are covered under the plan:

  1. Total Disability benefit. You are considered totally disabled if, as a result of sickness or injury, you are under the regular care of an attending physician and are:
    • unable to perform the essential duties of your regular occupation in which you were practicing at the time of becoming disabled; and
    • not engaged in any other gainful occupation.

  2. Residual Disability benefit. You are eligible for this benefit when, as a result of sickness or injury, you are under the regular care of an attending physician and have a loss of at least 20 per cent of your average monthly earned income. You also must be:
    • able to perform one or more of the duties of your regular occupation; or
    • unable to perform the essential duties of your regular occupation for as much time as those duties usually require; or
    • engaged in another gainful occupation.

  3. Presumed Total Disability benefit. Even if you are able to work, you will be considered totally disabled and receive total disability benefits if, as a result of sickness or injury, you lose:
    • The power of speech; or
    • Sight in both eyes; or
    • Hearing in both ears; or
    • The use of both hands or both feet.

  4. Recurrent Total Disability benefit. If you return to work but suffer a subsequent period of total or residual disability resulting from the same cause within six months*, your benefits will resume without having to satisfy another elimination period.

    *9 months for 120 day elimination periods
Extra Advantages

Valued-added provisions and features that are included at no extra cost:

The benefits provided under this plan can continue if you move outside of British Columbia. They are portable throughout the world, as long as you maintain your membership in Doctors of BC or the YMA, and you continue to pay your premiums for this coverage.

Doctors of BC has a nominal out-of-province/Canada membership fee to assist you in maintaining your insurance coverages.

Rehabilitation Benefit
If you are totally or residually disabled, under the age of 65 and choose to participate in a rehabilitation program, this benefit will provide you with assistance in returning to work. If mutually agreed upon by Manulife and yourself, the company will continue to pay a monthly benefit while you are participating in the rehabilitation program and prior to the costs being incurred, provided you are not entitled to payment of the costs from any other sources.

Survivor Benefit
If you die during a period of total or partial disability for which the elimination period has been completed and disability benefits are payable, a lump sum equal to three times your last monthly disability benefit will be payable to your beneficiary. In the absence of a designated beneficiary, the Survivor Benefit will be paid to your estate.

Waiver of Premium
If you are disabled and are receiving disability benefits, you will no longer have to pay premiums from the date of disability. Premiums will be waived until you are no longer disabled.

Special Offers

Guaranteed Acceptance Coverage

New physicians may receive $1,500 of monthly disability income benefit (with a 90-day Elimination Period) without having to provide proof of good health if they:

  • are under age 65; and
  • apply within 6 months of beginning initial medical practice in the province of British Columbia.

If you are enrolled in the Doctors of BC INCOMEprotect™ for Residents plan, you have 90 days from graduation to switch to the INCOMEprotect for Practicing Physicians™️️️️️️️️️️ and apply for the BC government-funded Physicians’ Disability without medical questions.

Optional Riders

Enhance your INCOMEprotect™ for Practicing Physicians coverage by purchasing one or more of the following optional riders, subject to proof of good health and approval by the insurer. Note for new physicians: The optional riders are not available as part of your Guaranteed Acceptance Coverage.2

Guaranteed Insurability Benefit (GIB) Rider
If you are under age 55, you can apply for the GIB rider. The GIB rider allows you to increase your insurance coverage as your needs increase, without having to provide additional proof of good health. This option can be exercised during the month of November each year for up to $2,500 of monthly benefit. Your income must be sufficient to justify each increase and your total coverage cannot exceed the plan maximum of $25,000. This rider terminates at age 55.

True Own Occupation Rider
The Own Occupation Rider allows you to be considered totally or residually disabled from your regular occupation even if you find work in another occupation or another field of medicine. This means you may be gainfully employed in an occupation other than your regular occupation and still receive residual or total disability benefits. This rider terminates at age 65.

Without this rider, your plan is based on the Regular Occupation disability definition, which may pay residual benefits if you decided to earn income from a new occupation while disabled from your regular occupation.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Rider
When you have been totally or residually disabled for 12 consecutive months, the COLA benefit increases your monthly disability benefit each year while you remain disabled, up to age 65, by the lesser of the change in the National Consumer Price Index or your choice of 3% or 6%. This rider terminates at age 65.

Retirement Protection Rider
You work hard to accumulate adequate savings for your retirement. During a period of total disability, it may become difficult to continue contributing to your retirement savings plan or other investments.

The Retirement Protection benefit helps keep your retirement plan on track by providing a monthly contribution to an investment account beginning after 90 consecutive days of Total Disability, and continuing for each month you remain totally disabled, up to age 65.

Funds will be directed to a Non-Registered Savings Plan (NRSP) offered through Manulife Group Retirement Solutions. You will have the ability to select the investment option of your choice.

If you are under age 55, you can apply for a Retirement Protection benefit amount of:

  • $500 if your annual earned income is less than $100,000; or
  • Your choice of $500, $1,000 or $1,500 if your annual earned income is greater than $100,000.

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